Can you Mix dog food brands?

Can you mix dog food brands?

I have a cairn terrier that doesn’t like dry dog food (that or it was the fact it was the low quality Science plan dog food). Anyway want try and introduce dry dog food back in with the wet food as I’m finding there are better quality low cost dry brands available. So keeping cost down, as he is currently on butcher wet food could it mix with ie Akela or Eden or something similar dry food as butchers do not do a dry range. I have noticed that the low cost high quality WET dog food do not have a high quality DRY food to match in the same brand. So I was wondering if it’s ok to mix brands?

Thanks in advance.

I believe that Eden and also Canagan dry foods do also do wet foods, so can be fed with the dry kibble. They are both very good foods.
You can check them out in the ‘directory’ on here.

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I didn’t know about the canagan and Eden wet food Lottie so thanks for the information.

It can be problematic feeding some wet food and baked kibble due to different rates of digestion. It may be okay for some dogs but could cause problems for those with more sensitive stomachs.

The cold pressed food manufacturers also say that it is alright to feed that with a raw diet so I would imagine it would be okay with wet food too. Some of them are more expensive than other kibbles but Markus Muhle is quite reasonably priced. I once fed that to my terrier who has a little Cairn in her and she did well on it.