Canagan help

I switched to dry Canagan and now my Westie and Bassett Fauve have become really sluggish on walks. Westie is 5 and Fauve is 8. Also their guts seem to find the food too rich. Has anyone else experienced this?


Hello and welcome to the forum. Canagan is reviewed positively by this website and is said to have a more moderate protein/fat content. What did you feed before the Canagan and how much are you giving? The reason that I ask is that I gave it to my small terriers not long after it came onto the market but unfortunately, despite giving a much lower quantity than the recommended daily allowance they put weight on quite quickly.

These quality foods (IMHO) need to be given at a lower amount than is sometimes stated on the packets, especially in pet dogs who are not overly active. I am just wondering if you might be giving too much? Have you noticed any weight gain in either of them? This would be an indication of over feeding, as would soft, unformed poo.

It is always best in these situations to contact the manufacturer directly to get their advice, there can beany reasons for what you see, for example are they sluggish now, or were they actually hyper before?

It does sound like you have loose stools, this often suggests either switching too quickly,or feeding too much. It can be a sign of intolerance, but less likely if it affects both dogs.

Speak to Canavan, check the amounts are right, and give it a little time for their bodies to adjust and Iā€™m sure you will see calmer, yet lively dogs in a few weeks.

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