Cavapoo and Akela

Hi, i have fed Daisy (nearly 3 ) on Royal Canin plus a spoon of wetfood since a puppy. After talking to a friend at work who introduced me to this website i have changed her food to Akela which is highly recommended. its been about two weeks now , after two weeks she’s not really rushing o eat it , i’m still using old stuff too, and she has gone off her food. We have had a couple of occasions of salivary vomit. i have read that it is a whole different lot of enzymes which her gut will be using to digest the new food.
She burps quite abit too, how long do you think i should persevere , she seems quite happy just not eating much. She is a small bitch weighs about 6kg , nearly 3. She is on the smalllest kibble too . Many thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum. I am wondering if the vomiting maybe that her stomach is empty. This happened to my dog and a small snack a couple of hours before her evening feed sorted things out. I am guessing that the portion of Akela is smaller than the other food as it is richer. I would advise that you speak to a vet if it persists. It could also be that the food is a little rich for her and the portion size needs to be reduced further. The higher meat content foods do not suit all dogs. How are her stools since you changed ? If Daisy decides she isn’t keen, there are lots of other foods you can try. It can be lots of trial and error.

Hello and welcome to the forum. You don’t say which of the Royal Canin range you have been using but I assume it is something like Royal Canin Mini Adult. Akela review is here. Take some time to compare the recipes and analysis. You will quickly see that there is a huge difference between the two.

Akela is a better product but it has high protein (42.4%) and high fat (20.1%). As Tinyplanets has pointed out, this does not suit all dogs. However, in some cases overfeeding could be to blame because dogs tend to need smaller quantities of quality food. Here are some suggestions to help your dog onto the new food:

  • Weigh all food accurately and start at the very bottom of the recommended daily allowance - even 10% below that might be better.
  • Divide the food into at least two meals per day - three may be better while you are transitioning and it may stop the vomiting.
  • If necessary, transition slowly.

If your gut instinct is that Akela is not the food for your dog, you may be better off looking for one that is mid range i.e. protein circa 25% to 30% , fat circa 10% to 16%. You can easily source one via the Dog Food Directory. I always use the filters for natural/clearly labelled, no red ingredients and rating 3.9 to 5 stars. The protein and flat sliders can be moved to the correct parameter.

Thank you so much both of you , sounds like great advice , I will try all suggestions