Vet food recommendations

Hi to all.

My problem is my vet is always recommending the bigger manufacturers of food when it comes to suggesting food for my Border Collie. Daisy had to go on a gastro friendly diet to deal with a parasite that was in her bowel when she was very young. The vet recommended Virbac Gastro Friendly as that’s the one they sell so I went with her suggestion She is now 9 months old and the problem seems to be sorted but my vet wants her on a food that contains 20% fat as she is still growing and recommends Hills or Royal Canin. Neither of these gets great ratings here but I don’t want to go against my vet’s advice as I have always valued her opinion. I’ve asked her to take a peek at this site but to no avail. When I look at puppy food produced by the smaller companies that get far better nutritional ratings, very few of them contain the 20% fat and those that do have quite high protein levels and my vet wants to avoid high protein as she thinks it might contribute to Daisy being hyperactive even though there doesn’t seem to be much evidence to suggest this.

It is hard to advise without knowing what the problem was or what any lasting effects on the gut may have been but many people do not have the advice of a vet and feed successfully. Vets are not necessarily impartial or experts on nutrition just as doctors aren’t.
The 80/20 foods like Acana, akela and Eden will be higher in fat if that is what you are looking for.

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