Cavillier with Food Allergies

I have a one-year-old King Charles Cavillier who has been diagnosed with food allergies following a blood test. His particular allergies are giving us problems finding a good kibble-based food for him. He is allergic to wheat, rice, soy and pea. I’ve been looking everywhere for a food that fits the bill- the hypo allergenic food that the vet has recommended (Hills z/d) seems to be no help at all; after two months the poor lad is itching and scratching worse than ever. Everytime I think I’ve spotted something suitable a close examination of all the ingredients tends to reveal something he is allergic to. Has anyone any suggestions? Any help gratefully received!

I would suggest doing an advanced search on this site. You can’t exclude peas, so you’ll have to go through manually for that, but you can just exclude all cereals from your search. If I remember correctly, Lupo might be a suitable food, although I’ve not used it myself.

I think you are going to be struggling with this one because all of those allergens that you mention are common fillers. You want to be looking for something that has sweet potato or ordinary potato as the filler/carbohydrate source. Canagan, uses sweet potato but having just checked, it has peas in it too. Wainwright’s grain free is almost there but has 4% pea starch in it. Does it have to be kibble? Looking at that list of allergens I would suggest giving a raw, complete meal such as Nutriment. There is nothing in there that will trouble your dog. If not, then consider a home cooked diet but do a bit of research first to make sure you get the balance right.

Sorry but I have noting much to add. That really is a tricky one and I know that sometimes, if a food is fed regularly, different allergies can emerge.

I have just started to feed raw and it is a lot less complicated than I thought. Lots of the natures menu foods which I am feeding contain pea however. Good luck. I would agree that Nutriment might be worth a try.

I’ve just had a quick look at some of the better quality, grain free products, notably Eden, Millie’s Wolfheart, Acana, Lily’s Kitchen. The filler is usually sweet potato and potato. From what I have seen, the snag is that they all contain derivative of pea, some in the form of pea fibre. I assume that you have been through quite a few yourself - it is a long process. TBH I really think that you would be better off steering clear of kibble and giving Nutriment a go. As Tinyplanets has said, Natures Menu does contain peas (or some of their products do - not checked all of them) so Nutriment would be the best bet. There is another raw complete called Natures Instinct. I haven’t checked that out.

If you want to give Nutriment a try, you should not transition - just stop the kibble and start the raw food. It’s important that you don’t give anything else in the form of treats, biscuits etc but sea jerky is OK. The recommended daily amount of Nutriment is 2% to 3% of the dog’s body weight so if you Cav is 10kg you would need to start at 200g per day, divided into two meals. You really need to weigh it out. You also need to check the weight of the dog for the first few weeks to make sure you have got the quantity right.

If you really don’t fancy feeding raw food, perhaps it would be best to have a look at some wet foods although some do include rice so you would need to check the formula carefully.

I’ve had a quick search for you, and the highest rated dry food I can find that doesn’t contain wheat, rice soya or pea is Platinum, see here:

Having said that, I agree with the others that your best bet would be raw, and Nutriment in particular. It’s the only food I’ve been able to find that suits my own Cavalier, who hasn’t been tested but who obviously has various sensitivities - you need to bear in mind that your own Cav could have problems with more ingredients than just those 4, since they can only find sensitivities to those foods they test for and they can’t possibly have tested for everything.

Good luck, I do hope you find something to suit him.

I can recommend Nutriment. My dog had very little hair on the backs of her legs and very thin hair on her thighs where she lies down. I have noticed that being on Nutriment the hair has grown fully on the back of her legs and the thin hair has thickened up.
Nutriment are very helpful and would be quite happy to chat to you about your dog. They do a low purine variety that might provide some benefit to your dog (please ask them for advice though as I am not sure on this as it is for dogs with kidney problems etc but it may also help your dog) . You can buy the superveg mix on its own from Nutriment and mix with your own raw meat for variety or buy their complete raw foods.
I do recommend homeopathy for allergies. On a human level my Son has been cured of eczema which he was born with and I also took homeopathic remedies for my allergies and it has really helped. Ainsworth have been recommended to me (by Eden Holistic when my dog was on Eden). Eden did not suit my dog as a main food, it was too rich, so I swapped to Nutriment.
I know a very good human homeopath and could find out if she treats animals too if you are interested.
Pro and pre biotics can really help too as it naturally boosts the immune system. Nutriment contains tripe and this is a natural pro/prebiotic also.
Good luck. I look forward to hearing how you get on. :smiley:

Nutriment just ran an article on Spirulina in their newsletter highlighting how good it is for allergies. Nutriment does contain this in powder form. I forget all the added super foods it contains, until they run an article on the health benefits of ingredients in their food!

I had a customer with similar problem about 8 months ago - same ingredients came up after the blood test and the vet recommended Hills which the dog didn’t like - took me ages to find a decent (dry) food without peas but I found Arden Grange Sensitive and Platinum Salmon and Potato (white label pet shop brand) - dog looking great after feeding the Salmon & Potato - its half the price of HIlls but does contain oats (it is reviewed on AADF and I think scores 3.6)

You might find some help at My Itchy Dog website - the owner is very helpful (you’ll have to Google it as I can’t post a link