Copper sulphate in cold pressed food

Hi all I’m currently looking to change my dog onto a new cold pressed food but while researching different brands I have noticed that some foods have added more copper sulphate than others for example I’ve tried him on oodles cold pressed food but the copper amount is 20mg where as other brands have around 7-8mg. Is this something I should be worried about when choosing a food? As I read an article about copper saying too much can be bad for the dogs liver obviously 20mg must be safe but I’m wondering if it’s best to choose the brands with less amounts?

That does seem quite a lot of copper in comparison to some other brands that you have seen. David has included copper in the ingredients list and it can be found here. As you see by that, the actual amount of copper required by a dog is not mentioned but the type is important. Copper sulphate is contentious so other forms are used, the safest option being chelated copper. If the actual type of copper is not listed on the packet then contact the manufacturer and they should be able to tell you. If you are concerned about this because your dog has had previous liver issues, milk thistle is a useful supplement.

Thanks for the reply my dog doesn’t have liver issues but I would prefer a food that has lower amounts of copper I’ve only found two brands of cold pressed that use chelated copper and that’s bug bakes and Wilson’s. I like him on bug bakes but the only issue I find is my dog seems to lose weight on it .