How to switch from dry extruded to cold pressed food

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I want to switch my dog’s food from Arden Grange dry extruded to Lupo Sensitive 24/10 cold pressed. I am not sure about the steps, I have an answer from “Markus Muehle” - “Please do not feed extruded and cold pressed together. You may feed the Luposan in one feed / day , so your dogs digestion system gets used to the food, for a few days.
When you change over , underfeed for a couple of day , so the digestive system settles, before feeding the correct amount around 1.2% of the dogs weight/ day.”
Does anyone have experience?
How to make the change gently, my dog has epilepsy and I don’t want to bother him, Lupo Sensitiv looks like the best food for him - it has milk thistle and dandelion to support his liver and kidneys.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello Rila. There is a useful guide to switching on the Guru website here. When I switched to cold pressed I gave the dogs a reduced amount of kibble at breakfast and a small amount of cold pressed at the next meal. I always feed three times a day so I just slowly decreased the kibble at each serving and increased the cold pressed. The different foods were therefore given at separate servings.

Beate Rothon, the owner of Gentle pet foods is the person to go to for information about Luposan, Markus Muhle etc and I would advise you to contact her. She is very helpful. Her contact page is here.

You can soften cold pressed food with warm water to make a crumble or porridge type mix and it could be helpful for your dog. Sounds like you have made a useful choice of food so good luck and I hope your dog does well on it. Please would you let us know how you get on?

Thank you, Dottie!
The answer from Markus Muehle was from Beate Rothon :wink: , I am impatiently waiting for my order to come :slight_smile: I will share our experience, wish us good luck :slight_smile:

Hi Rita, good advice from Dottie but I just wanted to say welcome to the forum. Your feedback will be much appreciated, thank you.


Didn’t realise that it was Beate that you had been on contact with. Thinking back, I transitioned something like this:
Usual RDA of kibble 80g per day, given in three meals, 30/20/30.
Replaced the 20g dinner feed with cold pressed for two or three days.
Replaced the morning meal of 30g for two or three days.
Replaced the evening meal then transition was complete.

I think that for some dogs it might need to be slower and longer - even up to two weeks. Luckily my lot have good digestive systems so did not have a problem. With the middle one I was not able to transition so just put her on cold pressed and she was fine. However, she had been fed with this in the past so I guessed that she would be OK.

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Thank you!
It’s much more clear now, I will follow the steps with my dogs ( my GSP Shadow and my foster (Boulevard Mix :wink: ) Bella :slight_smile:

I am glad that my post has been helpful. It is just the way that I did it - others might try different methods.

Monitor your dogs and if the poo is a bit soft then slow down. You can also give a piece as a treat to get them used to it. I think it takes a month or so to determine the correct amount that is needed. Mine had 1.2% of ideal body weight initially but I have now cut down to 1% to keep them in trim. Their poos are really good - nice and firm, not bulky.

It is very important to weigh your new food properly because cold pressed is heavy. You will find that it doesn’t look much in the bowl compared to kibble. It is very easy to overfeed and I sometimes wonder if it is possible that people who report problems with cold pressed food have overfed. If they give the same amount as kibble e.g. a cup or mug, the owner will probably be overfeeding.

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I plan to buy electronic kitchen scale to measure the exact amount :slight_smile:

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The scale that I use is this one from Argos. Cheap and worth every penny. Can’t manage without because I am no good at judging quantity and like to be accurate - I have to keep a close watch on the weight of my three.

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Hello! We successfully introduced the new cold pressed food Lupo24/10, in accordance with the recommendations of Dottie divided into three meals, and afternoon meal was  the new food. My foster  dog changed for three days  the new food, my pointer for a week. It wasn't scary, just normally.

Thank you!
By the way, I found this site There are some more cold pressed food from MARKUS-MÜHLE :wink:


Your feedback is appreciated Rila. Thank you

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Thank you very much for your feedback, and for the link. It is good that the transition has been without incident and I hope that your dogs continue to do well on Lupo cold pressed food.

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