decent value cold pressed for german sheperd pup- lukullus junior or another ??

hi, we have a 9 week old german sheperd x malinois pup , she is slim but not underweight imo and currently fed on arden grange , i have looked into a different food and stumbled across the guru which seems very good but i was wondering if anyone has used lukullus or perhaps the lukullus junior specifically for pups. is it good quality , it is suitable for larger breeds ? it seems to tick the boxes and worth a punt espically as its more in my budget.thanks carlos

You can find a little information on lukkulus on this thread. It is a very long thread so it might be useful just to type lukullus in the search bar. I have fed it to my dog before and she did well on it. I like that it comes in smaller packs if needed. I feed a bit of a varied diet now.

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Food contains rice and maize but I beleive its the good part of the maize according to this website. Aside from this I think so far its on a par atleast with other foods I have used in the past being supermarkets brand( when I was new) and wainrights but alittle cheaper and cold pressed

If you try it we would be interested to hear how you get on with it. Cold pressed food is heavy so you don’t need quite so much as kibble - best to weigh it until you are familiar with the quantity needed.

OK, lucullus for nearly 1 month all well, the kibble is very dry and breaks easily, smells OK . I have just changed to black angus junior by Marcus mulher. This seems a slighty better quailty kibble and less breakable and powdery.

Dog eats it all up and loves the taste, I ise as treats also.

Poo seems solid most of the time although it’s still fairly loose sometimes but this may be due to eating snails, grass soil etc lol.
I suspect my dog may be sensitive to grain which these use to bind

I am impressed with the value of both, there are afew fillers in the kibble but the quailty is good with decent meat and fibre Content. I would recommend if u want to try a cold press as they are cheaper than other brands and don’t seem different

If the stools stay loose ish with Marcus mhle black angus junior, I will try a grain free slightly more expensive brand.any recommendations, I have a 3 month old german shep


I am in week two of trying CobbyDog Cold Pressed Grain Free Fish Supper, and my two girls - both Shih Tzu’s - are enjoying it very much.
I am also only feeding that in the mornings as they have raw at their tea time.
Another reason I chose CobbyDog is it comes in various size bags plus a trial size too, and it is made in the Uk. Apart from needing a grain free food and it also goes well with raw feeding (but not together) being cold pressed.
Their poo’s are nice and firm not too solid as they are on completely raw.