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Knew about this site, just didnt realise there was a forum! DOh!

I have three wonderful Rottweilers, and have been struggling with getting right food for them. Had been feeding them CSJ but lately the quality really went down, and there was so much dust in the bags, awful.

Tried different foods, price is also important, as you can imagine with 3 large dogs ( one is an XXL! Great Dane size!) I think we have finally found the right one, Lukullus. Just a bit of a pain as its online, cant find any stockist in the area.

Looking forward to reading and learning more on this forum!

Hi Louwra, welcome to the forum!
Glad that the food directory has helped you finding a good food for your 3 big pups.
As far as I know, Lukullus is one of the dog foods made by Zooplus (the equivalent of Wainwright’s for Pets at Home) so it’s unlikely you will ever find it anywhere else, just like you only find WW at PaH. The good news is, Zooplus is quite competitive on prices so it would be unlikely to find the same food cheaper around.

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Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware its done by Zooplus.

I found it on a website called bitiba (co.uk)

2 x 15 kg for £61.99, its a pound more at Zooplus :slight_smile: Good to know its at Zooplus and Bitiba :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum. As has been said, Lukullus can only be purchased online via Zooplus or Bitiba. It is made in Germany by the Lupo Group. Some other cold pressed foods that are made by Lupo are Markus Muhle, Gentle, Guru and Forthglade. We have a thread on these products here. It is good that your dogs are doing well on Lukullus.

Hello and welcome to the forum. My dog has some cold pressed food with her raw and a little home cooked too. At the moment she is having lukullus as it comes in handy smaller bags. The bigger bags are no good as it is not her only food. She seems keen on it. Zooplus seem to stock most of the coldpressed foods made by Lupo.

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