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My order of Lukullus Barbery Duck and lamb has arrived! Got a good deal as they were only £4.99 for a 1.5kg bag good price to try. So far Chutney has had a few pellets as treats which he really enjoyed and was jumping up at where I left the bag so I think he likes the taste! My one concern is that it’s an adult food and Chutney is only 7 & 1/2 months, would it be a problem feeding him it? He has Ziwipeak freeze dried lamb as treats.

Sorry going off topic now, a potted history of Chutney. He is a cavalier King Charles and has not had the best start in life. After collecting him from the KC breeder he started coughing and after many trips to the vets they diagnosed pneumonia, he was then referred to a specialist vets for a second endoscopy and bronchoscopy and was treated for severe bacterial pneumonia and was on antibiotics for 3 months. He then had two bouts of colitis which seemed to he aggravated by chicken and rice and then an ear infection, bless him. He seems to be thriving now, but I want the best food for him. I know RAW is advocated as a biologically appropriate diet, but I’m waiting until he’s older as concerned about the bacterial element. We fed him raw mince as instructed by breeder as a pup and don’t know whether that contributed to the pneumonia.

Just wondered if you felt that the adult formula would be OK.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be concerned in feeding an adult food at 7.5 months in the breeds we have here but I am not familiar with requirements in your breed. Some years ago there was a trend in puppy food marketing. Many now hold a view that there is less benefit in feeding same. Indeed the compositon of some puppy foods does not differ significantly from composition in some adult foods. Puppy foods used to have similarities to breeder foods for bitches carrying litters in that they basically provided more fuel. Some hold a view that high protein puppy foods can be inappropriate…particularly in dogs prone to joint issues where accelerated growth is deemed best avoided.

Although I highlighted the cold pressed food you have taken delivery of I have only ever trial fed cold pressed from samples to test likeability…I have not yet fed cold pressed as a main diet.

I have fed raw complete before without issues albeit am aware of alleged concerns some have made re bacteria, that said I have never heard of pnuemonia caused by diet.

I note you feed ziwi-peak treats. I find air dried food of great interest & really like what I have read. I would consider feeding it if sold at prices I could justify (one dog is a Lab). At time of typing just 5kg of ziwipeak is priced online between £98.99 & £116.34. (That buys a significant ammount of decent home cooked food ingredients). Having managed to take my carb discussions elsewhere it is probably best that any air dried food discussion are NOT developed further on this thread but instead started elsewhere.

I don’t know much re Cavalier King Charles Spaniels but am aware of some alleged concerns with the breed. It may be worth doing some breed specific research to see if there are any breed relevant DO’s & DONT’s re specific foods or ingredients. I would personally do my research beyond my breeder as opinions can vary widely between those involved with a given breed.

It may be worth while you statring a new thread re the Lukullus Duck & Lamb.

Re: Lukullus Barbary Duck and Lamb

I have split the posts (as Coaster suggested) as it would be useful to have this as a separate topic, and because of the specific problems of Chutney’s Cavalier puppy.

Regarding the use of this product for puppies, I agree that there should not be any problems. The cold pressed products are marketed as all age. As has been said, often the only difference between adult and puppy food is that the latter has a slightly higher protein level. You are giving extra protein in the lamb treats so it sits well with the product you have chosen.

If you are planning to transition to raw food at some point then cold pressed food is a useful stepping stone. Some raw feeders use it as an occasional, or regular replacement meal. One person that I know gives her dogs cold pressed food for breakfast and raw for tea. Both dogs thrive on this mix.

It is great that your little dog likes his new food and I really hope that he does well on the Lukullus. Don’t forget that you can mix it with warm water to make a kind of porridge of a thickness to suit. Please would you keep us informed of his progress? I would like to know how he gets on, especially after such a bad start in life.

Thank you Coaster & Dottie,

I mixed some in with his Burns tonight and he ate all the Lukullus first. It definitely has a nicer smell, more meaty than Burns. They look like large rabbit pellets and are harder than kibble, fingers crossed it doesn’t have any unpleasant effects on his digestion in the morning!
Not sure if Chutney will like added water as he never liked eating any of his wet food, when he was younger mind you he didn’t have much appetite then & it’s good to have an alternative way of feeding it though.

Never realised dog food was such a minefield!

I will update in about week with how Chutney is getting on with his new food.

Thanks everyone, this forum is really helpful.

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I first (reluctantly back then) fed dry kibble in the very late 80’s…I always fed it with generous ammounts of water & back then I used to let it soak to reduce digestive concerns.

The Lukullus being cold pressed will break down far better & quicker (fed with water) than conventionally dry extruded kibbles such as Burns. Personally if feeding a mix I would thoroughly pre moisten ( soak ) the Burns as both food products will be entering the dogs system together & in a more similar state.

I should add that I am not advocating a gradual ratio change as I would to someone moving from one dry extruded to another…I would personally go straight to the cold pressed in water but feeding a significantly smaller ammount initially. The gut will maybe take time to adjust so dont expect instant top quality stools

Dont take my advice solely…I have never properly introduced & changed to cold pressed - Hopefully someone more knowledgable or with experience in chaning from dry extruded to cold preseed will be better able to advise.

After typing the above I did look at various cold pressed sites for best advice but the info was either lacking or unclear. One recommeded a sraight switch for reasons I stated - the other recommended mixing & phasing in slowly (zooplus).

Beth at Gentle dog food probably knows more than most in the U.K. re cold pressed but I am mindful she does not directly market the product you are feeding.

I think there will always be varying opinions about transition from one food to another. There are detailed instructions for a two week transition on the Guru bag and I can let you have that information if you wish. Of course some dogs won’t need this. As Coaster has advised, in the absence of a UK representative, perhaps Beth at Gentle might be able to help. I have contacted this and another cold pressed company and found them to be helpful. You could also ask on their Facebook page. Knowing what cold pressed food is like, and from reading reviews, I can’t see many dogs having problems with it. As for soaking dry food, I have frequently done this in the past, crumbling the food once it is wet. I prefer feeding it in this way and of course the dog is then not always at the water bowl. Added to that, it takes them a bit longer to eat it, especially if a slow feeder is used.

The problem with Lukullus is that there is no dedicated UK website (at least I haven’t found one), although Zooplus does have information about the product. The review on All About Dog Food is here.

I am glad that your dog likes the product and yes, it is rather strange when you first see it. A friend of mine who keeps horses reckons it looks like pony nuts! However, you soon get used to it and the smell is so much nicer. I found that my dogs lost the strong doggy aroma that they sometimes get with some dry dog food. Remember to weigh the food out and that your dog may need less than the Burns. You will be ‘rewarded’ with smaller, firmer stools - much easier to pick up. I really hope that everything goes well for you and your dog. Look forward to hearing more.

Further information re Lukullus Duck and Lamb:
Zooplus link for this product is here.
protein 23.5 %
fat 9.5 %
fibre 4.9 %
ash 7.9 %
calcium 1.25 %
phosphorus 0.92 %
magnesium 0.09 %
iron 200.0 mg/kg
sodium 0.37 %

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