American Bulldog food

Hi guys :), I have an American bulldog and until now I have fed him with Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin. But I’m not happy with this food. The fur looks in a bad condition and falls very much. Is there an American Bulldog owner that could recomand me some good food for him? I want to try Lukullus Dry Dog Food with Salmon and & Norwegian sea salmon :smiley: :smiley:

My dog is not a bulldog breed but I successfully fed her lukkulus for a while.She did well on it but I don’t feed her it all the time as I like to give her some variety.


What dog breed do you have? I don’t think vets recomand this variety. Is youre dog responding good when you change his food? because i would also like to do it. And what brand foods are you feeding him? which brand you like the most? If Lukulus wont be great for my dog, I will try next Purizon and Simpsons Premium Adult Sensitive as a backup plan :D. Thx alot for your help and have a great day! ;D

My dog is a mixed breed of mostly terriers. I mix her diet up between raw, some home cooked and cold pressed on occasion. I don’t have to transition her as she has a strong stomach and seems to tolerate food changes well However no one can say what will suit your dog as they are all different. It is very much trial and error. I shouldn’t think cold pressed would be a problem for individual breed though.

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