English bulldog puppy 5 months old

I have an English bulldog puppy and changed from bakers puppy to royal canin junior puppy food specifically for Bulldogs, we noticed his skin going pink in places and blotchy, after bumping into another puppy bulldog owner they were told by a registered breeder not to give royal can in as it does exactly this to their skin and makes their eyes water !! He then advised us either wainwright not sure which type or Bob and lush does anyone have any advice please need to change from royal canin thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum. So glad that you have given up on the Bakers - not much to recommend it. RC has a bewildering array of products, most of which I suspect are totally unnecessary. Read the reviews of it on here and you will see that there are a lot of red ingredients.

I suspect that a grain free product might be best and Wainwright’s do grain free but not sure if there is a puppy variety. If you use the Dog Food Directory on here you can put all the filters that you require and it will come up with suggestions. Would suggest that you choose ‘Natural’ under Food Properties. Also place a tick in the box by ‘all Red Ingredients’ and ‘all cereals’ under Avoid Ingredients. Don’t forget to look up cold pressed foods as they are not widely known about but are very good (in my experience). There is a thread about them on here. Having said all that, if you have freezer space you might want to consider raw or home cooked food.

Just checked Bob & Lush and it looks as if it would be a better choice for your dog as the puppy version is grain free and uses potato as the carbohydrate source.

I can’t help you with breed specific advice as I have no knowledge of Bulldogs. I have heard that with some large breeds such as Great Danes it is thought best not to give too high a protein level in an attempt to restrict the dog from growing too quickly and putting strain on the joints. I don’t know whether this might be the case with your breed so maybe it would be best to have a word with your veterinary surgeon or an experienced breeder.

RC are very good with advertising, I was taken in by it as well. The mini schnauzer breed specific food has a higher fat content than the regular food which is really bad for schnauzers as they’re prone to pancreatitis.