Dented food cans

Hi, I order my dog food online occasionally but since lock down quite regularly. I prefer to use an actual shop because the canned food always gets dents and I was always told never to use a can with dents on the seams or big enough to get your finger into or if the is a definite click sound if you press the top or bottom of the can.

On giving feedback to the company they are sending me new cans but also said it’s fine that there’s air inside the lid as the food is cooked inside the can.

Any opinions please as I think they are sadly unaware of the problems of canned food.


Hello Spanielowner. I don’t know the definitive answer to this but I share your concern and I would prefer an intact can to a dented one. I have seen dented cans in our local supermarket on their bargain/clearance shelves so I would assume that they wouldn’t have them on sale if they posed a health risk.


So I’ve ordered canned dog food from a different food producer, the tins came packed in packing noodle things and are exactly the same type of ring pull can, no air inside at all. I am now just waiting to see if my dogs bad stomach clears up …obviously I’ve had to do a quick diet change to avoid the food I believe to be incorrectly packaged and therefore potentially contaminated or gone off.

Morning Dottie,

So I had a further email about my issue with the cans, this was their reply:

Dear Lia,

I am glad you have emailed us regarding this concern as I would like to assure you that these tins are perfectly safe to feed your dog.

We make our food by putting the raw ingredients into the tin, sealing it, and steam cooking. Because we use quality cuts of freshly prepared meat, these reduce slightly when cooked, and cause a small vacuum under the lid, allowing it to ‘pop.’ This is not usually the case with foods that include cereals, or meat meals or other fillers because they expand when cooked.

I do hope this information is reassuring, however, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything else I can help with.

Kind regards,


Morning, another update from my ongoing argument about dented cans with air inside, I’ve now told them I’ve asked for someone to test the cans because free air/gas inside means the vacuum seal isn’t effective. I sent this to them in reply to this email ( which suggests they don’t understand vacuum)
Hi Lia,

Sorry to hear you feel this way. We’d like to reassure you that we have carried out extensive tests with these cans and have found no issues regarding the ‘popping lids’. As my colleague mentioned, this is due to the way we cook the ingredients and how they are steamed from below.

Please do get in touch with us if you have any further queries and apologies again for the concern this may have caused.

Kind regards,