Poppy's Picnic packaging advice please

Please can anyone tell me whether Poppy’s Picnic parcels contain ice packs or dry ice. First time ordered and it arrived totally defrosted and not at all cold. There’s no way I was going to re-freeze it and they refuse to refund. I opened it in front of the DPD courier, so they can’t deny that it was thawed. The box was lined with polystyrene with no ice packs. They haven’t answered my query as to whether these are usually included. To say I’m fuming is an understatement. I’m also disappointed because the food is excellent, but their totally appalling attitude will stop me from buying again. Being an old battleaxe, I am determined to get a refund, but it would help if I had proof ice packs should have been included.

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Gemma, I had a look at this article, hope you get things resolved.

Thanks very much, Seaweed and well done for finding it, very helpful. I see there are complaints on Trustpilot about food arriving defrosted and Poppy’s bad attitude about refunding. It’s a shame it’s only stocked by a few Asda stores, or I’d get it from there.

Gemma, if you find a new supplier perhaps you can specifically ask for ice packs to be used on your orders.

Good advice, Seaweed, but it’s very strange Poppy’s only include icepacks during the height of summer and I can’t find an alternative supplier. I’ve always fed tinned and only bought this because, even though the cans aren’t lined with BPA, I read somewhere that there seems to be no definite decision re the safety of alternative linings when fed canned dog food every day and that, over time, toxins from linings and aluminium leeching into food could be harmful, especially when food is cooked in the cans. Being paranoid, as I am, I looked for wet food alternatives and Poppy’s was the only option for me, as Years, Different Dog and Butternut all contain synthetic vitamins, which, as I’ve prattled on about before here, is a definite no-no for me. Deborah from Poppys has made ridiculous untrue statements, telling me completely defrosted raw food is safe to re-freeze, despite the fact that this is different from the info on their own website. She even said that Natures Menu and Bella & Duke had similar criteria in one of her replies to a Trustpilot complaint, which is completely false - and dangerous if she says it to people who are daft enough to believe it. Also, easily checkable as Natures Menu say “All defrosted meats need to be kept in a fridge and consumed within 24 hours”. In view of this, I am slightly suspicious about their lack of clarity over the percentages of ingredients other than meat. I asked them to provide this, but they side-stepped the issue and would not comply. Such vagueness is understandable with the cereals and M&A derivatives rubbish brands, but every food I’ve bought before listed everything down to tjhe last 0.5%, as is to be expected with premium food. In view of all the rubbish she’s told me, it does make me wonder why they are so reluctant to provide this info and if their ingredients are inconsistent. I’ve opened a dispute with Paypal and will put a warning in the comments section advising buyers what to do to ensure contents are frozen before accepting delivery when I get around to it - along with a scathing TrustPilot review. Thanks again for your help Seaweed - from the number of posts from you here, I can tell you’re just as fanatical about dog food as me!