Diet for pancreatitis

I have a 3 year old collie cross who has pancreatitis… we found this out in April this year after test etc confirmed (however she has always had a bit of a sensitive stomach). My vet has put her on a vet prescription diet but Im not convinced its what is best for my dog. She is a very active girl who loves her agility so I would still like her to get all her nutrients from her food. I would be sooo grateful if I could get other opinions and suggestions on what food is best for a dog with pancreatitis
Please help! Thank you!

During a flare up of pancreatitis it is generally the norm to feed a low fat diet, but be aware that the fat% needs to be read in conjunction with portion size to see the grammes of fat being consumed per day, a lower percentage food can often have a higher feed amount and results in more grammes of fat per day.

Between flare ups you don’t usually need to restrict fat to the same degree, but keeping carb content low, 25% or less, is generally helpful. Dogs don’t have salivary amylase so the burden of digesting carbs falls to the pancreas. With too high a carb content this needs the pancreas to work extra hard and this can trigger pancreatitis flare ups.