Differences in kibble feeding amounts between brands

Our breeder started our pup on Burns Chicken and Rice puppy which we have continued for now. Burns recommends 20g of kibble per KG of weight, no link to expected adult weight. She is permanently hungry and goes crazy when we feed her. She is just turned 10 weeks and we are still doing 4 meals a day and she is now just under 5KG so 100g of kibble.

Our vet gave us a bag of MiPet Chicken and Rice which on the bag recommends 390-430g a day for 2 to 6 months of their kibble as the guide is linked to her expected adult weight of 20-30KG? So 4 times as much! The ingredients do not look too much different, 30% chicken in both, with Burns having 44% brown and white rice and MiPet 19% rice(colour not specified) and 18% maize.

How can these two feeds give such diverse feeding amounts, something does not seem right?

Hello and welcome to the forum. The RDA is set by the manufacturers and you would have to speak to them about why they have reached these conclusions. In the past we have come across some strange RDAs which have been linked to the manufacturer’s desire to make the food seem cheaper to feed.

I don’t know anything about MiPet but Burns products usually contain a lot of carbohydrate. Dogs can handle some carbohydrate but too much is not helpful - it just comes out the other end. The review of their chicken and rice puppy food is here. As you can see, it only contains 26% protein. Puppy foods generally contain circa 30%. They need the protein as they are growing so quickly.

As your puppy is constantly hungry I think that instead of feeding more food you might be better off looking for a product with a higher protein/fat content. This should satisfy your puppy’s hunger, provide more balance to the diet and give him the higher protein that he needs in this crucial growing stage.