Do puppy buyers care what food the pups are weaned on?

I recently had a litter of 8 wonderful Labradoodle puppies. I have fed their Mum Acana food for about a year after finding this site. I decided it was right to wean the pups onto Acana puppy to give them their best start. I’m not an experienced breeder as this was just a once off litter but I was amazed at the coat condition of all the puppies and that from 5 weeks old they were almost all into a very set poo time (7.30am before their breakfast).

All, bar one, of my owners have continued with Acana and the pups are doing so well! I’m just wondering if anyone else has had a positive experience with a breeder and good food? Did it make a difference to your choice of breeder? Did you change your puppies food when you got the, home?

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Hello and welcome to the forum. In answer to your question, in the past I have bred puppies myself and I have done my best to ensure that they had a good diet but it was not ideal as I have only recently learned more about nutrition for dogs. Luckily, my pups were healthy, happy little ones - I can vouch for that because I always kept one and in fact two of my current dogs I bred myself. My experience of other breeders is that they are no more knowledgeable about nutrition than the average owner. Often you will see advertisements saying that puppies will be sold with puppy pack, including food. That food is usually something like Royal Canin. Some breeders belong to breeder clubs run by these companies and it saves them money so there is a strong pull to give inferior food.

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This is an interesting question, and as per my experience I never had any issues with breeding puppies. It is recommended to have the mother around for few days at least, but a puppy food will take care of the nutritional needs. My first two pups had the mother around, but the next one was fed on good diet and that one is healthy as others. Just make sure to keep a proper diet to help their growth.


Not wishing to discourage new members or contributions, however.The OP first opened the topic in 2014 has not logged on here for over a year. I believe your other post on another thread was also a tehread resurrection.

Fwiw I see the thread in a diifferent context to your reply. I think the OP was wondering whether potential puppy owners are fussed as to whether a decent dog food is used for pups by the breeder…During litter enquiries, I admit to having asked what the mother was fed as well as what the pups were started on.

MarinoTilatti. Not wishing to resurrect this thread but would like to say that I would not recommend that pups should be away from their mothers until they are at least 6 to 8 weeks and fully weened.

As has been said, it is recommended that puppies do not leave their mother until at least eight weeks old. The pups should be fully weaned by then but they need to be with their mum and litter mates for proper socialization.
We are going off topic here and as Coaster has remarked, it is an old thread so I will now close it. Thank you to everyone who contributed.