Dog food

Hello. I’m new to the group. We have a 7 month old Patterpoo (we think) and have been recommended to try different food as he is hyperactive at times. The suggestion was to get some samples, can anyone tell me where to start? Thank you in advance!


Look at links below 1st

Hello and welcome to the forum. I wonder what you mean by hyperactive? Your dog is a cross of two very active breeds, particularly the Patterdale. He is also very young. He is bound to be quite a livewire. As has been said, please provide more information e.g. what you are currently feeding, budget and what type of food you prefer.

Could it be hormones at work , this is the age when they raise there head,
I found my dog was more hyper on dried food.

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My suggestion would be to try a food that isn’t too high in protein and buy the best quality you can afford. As Dottie says if you could provide more information as to what you are feeding now etc it would be helpful to advise you better. I raw feed my dogs and they have done very well on it as when my youngest dog a Shih Tzu was small she was very hyper it calmed her down very well.