Dog Jewelry

Hi i sell dog jewelery pendants.

Wear your favourite breed.

please contact me for details. A sample of a King Charles is attached.

prices range from GBP 3 to GBP 7 + GBP 3.00 for postage.

Please could you let us know your website url and/or Facebook page?

Hi my ebay page is

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Very nice but I do have a complaint. The schnauzer / Wheaton full dog pendants have docked tails and cropped ears, both of which are illegal in UK, ear cropping since early 1900s. Your hardnened schnauzer fan certainly would be put off with cropped ears knowing what the poor things have to go through :frowning:

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hi thanks for this. are all wheaton pendants in that way? i have 3

They are your items - don’t you know? Pitbull listed as ‘cropped ears’ also. Not for dog lovers!