dog overweight

we have adopted this 5yr old dog last month and we still haven’t got a chance to bring him to the vet. he is chubby and small for his age and my little sister noticed that he limps sometimes. I searched it on a google i saw a blog [url]], that overweight can also cause the limping. we tried to walk twice a day and reduced the food but it seems not working. any advice to help him lose some weight?

Hello. You don’t say what you are feeding your dog and how much so I can’t give specific advice. However, we have a thread on weight loss here. Have a look to see if there is anything that might help.

Regarding the limping, certainly being overweight affects the joints but I think you need to see a vet to have the joint examined. One of the things that is more common in obese dogs is wear on the cruciate ligaments. Try not to over exercise the dog until you have seen the vet and also reduced the weight. Short walks are probably best for now, avoiding the heat of the day. Of course dogs need exercise but in terms of weight loss, diet is key.

For my own, when he was obese, I gave him less food and some vegetables and he ran a lot, because if he doesn’t run, unfortunately it won’t do anything

Thanks for sharing the article, it was really a great read and need to take it with a pinch of salt. Dogs or any other creature has same physical problems like human being so we really need to take good care of them.

A diet is the best option for your dog. The optimal diet is a nearly defatted, grain-free, ready-to-eat dog food. Many well-known companies have special food for overweight and obese dogs.