Hello frazzled owner (weight and allergy issues)

Hello All,

First off let me thank you for letting me join. I was recommended to you by the lady who runs Sophies’ hydrotherapy as my dog has pins and plate in her one leg for cruciate disease and her other leg was stiffened due to an injection of blood for the same problem and arthritic front paws but she does an average of a mile a day, more if it’s warm or she runs after the German shepherd or other doggy friends so is active but not loosing weight, she also spayed. I have gone back to Canagan as this seemed to help her loose weight the last time she was allergic to something and weight blossomed.

Let me explain myself and hope that all of you can help me on the food front.

  1. I have a very over weight Labrador, some of which is due to allergies, one allergy was to a notably well known brand of Obesity dog food.

  2. Have just become a blended dog house hold, the German shepherd leaves his biscuits (He needs weight on), both feed in separate areas, lab does give up the bowl eaisly but it is a rugby scrum to see who gets there first her or me, this is after she’s eatten her 8oz meal of both biscuits and meat feed both morning and evening was recommended by the vet to feed both wet and dry food to stave off kidney problems as she has to have metacam and tramadol in her food.

  3. When on a diet she eats other dogs poo to digest what they have left (this worries me as it could contain nasty’s and also left over medication) and also eats mud, and she also scavenges as well. (Have started her walking where few dogs go to solve the poo problem but would like suggestions on things to fill her up but help her loose weight so she doesn’t do this delightful habbit)

  4. She has very few treats and I am going to put some of her 4oz of buiscuts in a small pot in the car as a treat.

  5. is allergic to fish and shellfish as is her owner so I can’t touch anything with it in

  6. Only eats carrots,sweet corn cernals and brocolli at a total push is it’s young but have tried feeding her veg and leaving it down but won’t touch it and need her to eat because of her meds.

Sorry this is such a long introduction, I hope you won’t send me away for my tails of woe but am trying to get her weight down and is in a near state of tears as I do love her dearly.


Hello and welcome to the forum. would you be able to provide a bit more information. How old is Sophie? Are you aware of any other allergies other than fish and shell fish. Was there shell fish/fish in the food you mention that she was allergic to? Are you weighing the food and if so is it the recommended daily amount. Sometimes this is quite generous and can be cut down. Have you tried an elimination diet?

It may also be worth thinking about using a muzzle when you are out if the scavenging is bad. I sometimes add sweet potato, brown rice or plain oats cooked in water to bulk out food without adding too many calories. Pureeing veg can also be useful so you could add some of the lower calorie veg in with the ones she will eat.

I am not sure about why the wet and dry food together is recommended . i would be interested to know why this is helpful for preventing possible kidney problems due to medication. The only thing I can think of is that the dry food encourages more water consumption.

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Not sure if you know of a food called pure dog food, it comes in chicken, duck, turkey, beef and fish but you can not have fish, but plenty of others to choose from.
I did do a posting on here somewhere and said all about it.
It is a dehydrated food, which needs re hydrating with warm water.
pure is good because as it is wet you can disguise medicines in it. It also takes them longer to eat it . May be it cold help your dog feel fuller for longer.
The website has lots of reviews for dogs who have lots of different problems., and had the problems help with this food, it may be worth a look. I hope that you can sort out the food problems. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the forum. I have done a quick search of the forum for weight control threads. There may be more, but here are the ones that I have found:
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Your comment about Canagan is interesting because in the past I briefly used it on two of my dogs and I remember it well because they gained weight very quickly, despite me giving a fair bit less than the RDA. However, this was not the light version so presumably that is what you are using?

The key to getting a dog’s weight down is the word control i.e. you have to take charge, being strict and consistent- every morsel that goes into the dog’s mouth should be accounted for. Remember that whatever the dog has been fed bears no relation to what he needs so you have to cut down the quantity. Exercise alone will be of limited use to the severely overweight dog. Also remember that you are in this for the long haul and it could take about six months or more to achieve your aim. I think it would be better if you stopped giving biscuits. They have little nutritional benefit and dogs don’t generally need them. They are also not good for teeth. If you must give treats, use something like Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky or Hollings Dried Sprats.

Re the coprophagia, we also have threads on this and these can be found by using the search box. My experience is that once a dog has this habit it is very unlikely that it will stop, no matter what you feed. It needs to be managed by picking poo up immediately and/or using a muzzle in high risk situations. You are right to be concerned about it because it can cause problems, particularly if the animal that passed the poo is on medication or is infested with parasites.