"Dog's weight slider" in the allaboutdogfood Dog Food Directory

There is a request from David, the website owner, namely:

"**I need to ask a quick favour. Someone has kindly been in touch to say that the dog’s weight sliders on the site have stopped working but whenever I test them at my end, everything seems fine so I’m wondering how many more people are getting the same issue.

If you’ve got a second, please drop by the dog food directory, change the ‘dog’s weight’ slider at the top and let me know whether or not the price per day figures for the foods change**."

David - having tested this so far on a desktop, I haven't been successful finding any sequence of test variables which fail. The weight slider appears to be working really well, and the price per day figures change accordingly. I wonder, is there any other coding that may be influencing price-per-day aside from the dogs-weight variable?
If anyone is able to check the slider, then please could you kindly post how it's working; perhaps here on the forum or on the allaboutdogfood facebook page which is here: **https://en-gb.facebook.com/allaboutdogfood.uk/**
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I’ve tested the slider this evening on my iPhone and it’s working fine now though previously I have experienced problems getting it to work.


That’s interesting, thank you for your help with this.

When you had those problems in the past, I hope you won’t mind my asking if there were other filters or sliders changed, (in addition to the dog’s weight slider)?

And if those problems were experienced when using the website from a mobile device?

I’m only asking in an attempt to recreate the circumstances of the issue and once that can be established, it should hopefully be ‘easier’ to correct.

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Yes, Meg, always when using a mobile device (iPhone) and with no other filters selected. I would just try to move the slider up to my dog’s weight to check the daily cost and quite frequently it wouldn’t slide.

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Just tried both on laptop and mobile (Android) phone. Even with all the filters activated, the slider works alright.


Thanks everyone. I managed to get to the bottom of the error in the end. It was only occurring on the review pages of products with a single variety so was easily missed. Still, all fixed now. Really appreciate everyone’s help with this