Dry dog food ratings

Based on ratings on here I decided to give Ci Tickety Boo Duck dry food a try its rated at 81%, this is made by a private company and other brands also have the same ingredients … such as
Legacy 50/50 Duck rayed 80%,
7 Grain Free Duck rated 80% and then
Europa 50/50 Duck rated 77%.

Now all these are manufactured by the same private company and have exactly the same ingredients in the duck variety so I don’t understand why they have different ratings ?

I was hoping someone on here could give me some answers

Many thanks for posting Flin and sorry for my very slow response - I’ve been away from the office and catching up on the backlog is taking forever.

You’re quite right that our white label food ratings are confusing and I apologise for that. The disparities you see are due to a couple of factors:

Where a listing includes more than one variety, the published score is calculated as the average score across all the varieties. Since each white label range includes a slightly different selection of varieties, the average score inevitably varies.

Secondly, some companies choose to divulge more information than others and our rating system always rewards transparency over ambiguity.

I can see now though that having different ratings for identical products is only going to cause confusion so I’ll go through all of our white label listings this week and will standardise the scores.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.