Private Label , how to get food rating

Hello newbie here
So apologies if this is asked all the time.

I am currently feeding my large dog kibble designed for large working breed.

It is a private label that is rebranded by the smaller pet shops. But it comes up on different internet searches.

I have been all through all the site and can’t find it. I also used the tool, but got variable results.

How can I request a label to be reviewed? Is that possible?

Hello and welcome to the forum Rufus Mum. Please can you give us the ingredient list from your bag of food? The typical analysis and additives would also be helpful.
Thank you.

Thank you so much for the quick response. I have taken a photo of the label. I dont know how it is made, I looked on the internet using the flavour as a search.

The flavour is Salmon with Trout, Sweet Potato & Asparagus.

The bag comes up showing as grain free.

The Instant Review Generator returned a nutritional score of 86% for me and no red ingredients. What did you get when you tried it? Was it much different?

Private label foods are often good value for money but you have done exactly the right thing by checking the ingredients because some can be awful. This one doesn’t look too bad. Typically, grain free foods often contain white potato and pea derivative which this one has but not in large amounts. Sweet potato is better nutritionally and this has 24%. The protein is low average. A very active dog may need a bit more though. As it is classed as working I would have thought it might be a bit higher but I suspect that this is because 33% of the fish is fresh, not meal.

If your dog is doing ok on it then I would see no reason to change. If you are minded to give a suitable fresh cooked food topper sometimes it will add variety. Have a look at Rodney Habib’s YouTube channel because there are videos on there in which he explains about the benefits of adding fresh cooked vegetables etc. If you want to hike up the protein a bit, maybe add some chicken, minced beef, scrambled egg etc.

Hi, wow that was quick. Thank you so much for the check. I have had Rufus on it well since he came off their puppy food. I did give it to my vet to check as well. He is just coming up to 3 now and absolutely no issues with it.

I do top up every day with the meat only forthglade mixers. Most days he eats it straight away. But lately not as much, hence the check. In hindsight, it must be the recent heat as he was licking the bowl out today. But it sounds like I am on the right lines and as you say the large sacks are very economically.

Right off to check the forthglade wet food now. Thank you so much, this site is amazing. :smiley:

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Oh I forgot, I got 86 too, but I also put in sweet potato and the score dropped. I think it might be user error. Lol.

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Thank you for your reply. I have found Time for Paws to be good on prices but check around. The Forthglade multipacks seem to be better value for money.

Once again It looks like the generic Golden Acres food again. Sold under many labels but nevertheless good stuff and great value.

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Ditto. These white label products are worth seeking out. Always check the ingredient list though because they can vary in quality. Another good reason for trading with your local independent pet supplies shop.