Dry Puppy Food for over active puppy 3 months old

We need your help we have a very over active sprocker puppy he been on Bakers Puppy food (Dry) since being with us a dog trainer as checked every thing else were doing with him and suggest we come here for your advice.
So is there a dry dog food out there that will chill him out a bit ?
Many thanks :smiley:

If you use the site and select the appropriate filters, you will get a list of appropriate foods for your dog, giving nutritional information about the foods. As an owner of a working cocker, I can say spaniels are very lively little things…especially when they are pups! Choose the best quality food that’s within your budget and don’t be tempted to overfeed. Maybe practice ditching the bowl for the odd meal and making the little monkey work for his dinner by using his brain to play games and rewarding calmness using his kibble as the reward. There’s plenty of information on line regarding this style of training. A particular favourite of mine is on FB…called Absolute Dogs. They are linked to a dog training school in Devon & produce DVD’s …I think they do one especially for puppies. Enjoy the time you spend with your pup…and try to keep your sense of humour (even when they have decided to try to dig to Australia in the middle of your back garden!)

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Hello and welcome to the forum Drake. The review for Bakers puppy food is here. As you can see, it doesn’t score very well and contains a lot of red ingredients. There is a lot of information on this website about what to look for when selecting a suitable dog food product. We also have a thread here that might be helpful.

As Lewie 0205 has said, you can use the Dog Food Directory to source a better food. The filters are on the left and are self explanatory. As you prefer dry food you should select this under Type of Food by removing ticks from the remaining boxes. Next, choose Rating - 50% to 100% and Avoid Ingredients - all red.

If you decide to change to a better quality food, please transition slowly so that puppy’s digestive system is not upset. Always weigh the food accurately and be aware that sometimes smaller amounts are needed when higher quality food is given.

You have a mixed breed puppy, both parents originally bred for working so liveliness is to be expected. Pup should respond well to training but be careful not to over exercise your dog and ensure that he gets enough rest - teaching calmness is also important.

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Thank you both for all your advice we have now moved him to Orijen Puppy

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Glad you found something. We would be grateful for any updates you have when your pup has been having it for a while.