Early risers

Hi there.
My two bts are very early risers.
Today it was 4.30 I put them out for a wee but on return they don’t settle and bark.
Have you any suggestions. I can’t let them bark as we live in a semi detached and I don’t want to wake the neighbours.
Thank you in advance for any help.

Hello and welcome to the forum , the only thing I can think of is to ignore them. Perhaps explain to your neighbours that you are trying to break the habit and hopefully it will stop soon. If they don’t sleep near you it should be easier to ignore.
What time do they have their last toilet break at night?

Hello and welcome to the forum. I think that you really need to see a behaviourist about this. The dogs probably need to be helped to readjust their body clock. You have two dogs and you need to be firm with them. A crate might also help.