New puppy - teaching her discipline

As per the title I have a new puppy. She is gorgeous but very disobedient. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a puppy and I’m a bit rusty on how to train her in certain things. My OH thinks it’s ok to give her a smack whereas I’m loathe to do this - what’s the consensus, is there a kinder way to teach her right from wrong (in so far as a dog can understand!)?

I used to help train guide dog puppies, and my do they keep you on your toes. ::slight_smile:
Each one was different , and each one needed different things to help them realise that they were not the boss. ;D
It is helpful to be consistent with the training, (and no I did not need to smack ) and nor should you imo. You can grab the scruff of the neck , and tell them no if they are biting you, but to some puppies it makes them worse, so you need to find what works for you and them.
You voice should tell them when they are over stepping the mark.
Do not be afraid to put your puppy in the crate and leave alone for a bit of time out. Puppies can be a bit full one. I hope that you can get things sorted.
My dog Copper was a nightmare when he was little, but now to is 4 he is a little sweetie most of the time. :smiley:

Never, ever smack a puppy - it could turn them into a fearful, aggressive dog, particularly around males. I think you should find a good, qualified dog trainer (look online for your area). Here’s a start:
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Also check the Kennel Club website.
The work you put in now will pay dividends later. She is just a puppy so don’t expect too much of her.