Eden and lilys kitchen

Hi all, I have a jack Russell called bobby and he is 7 …had always fed him on pedigree tins and supermarket complete dry as stupidly I assumed all was great because it was on the tv …then I read reports on pedigree and bakers and was completely disgusted and shocked … I used allaboutdogfood to research and pick a new food, bob always had a mix of tinned and dry complete so I picked eden due to 5* rating and being British and lilys kitchen tins by recommendation from a friend…well, six months on the results are superb…coat amazing! teeth and breath fresher! tone in his body amazing! half the amount of poo each day and an overall calmer dog. I have tried spreading the word on how poor ‘leading’ brands are but boy are some people ingnorant and un caring to what their dog eats…thx to this site though…word is spreading fast and slowly peoples awareness and attitudes are changing…well done allaboutdogfood
As for eden, great company to deal with 15kg bag will last bobby over 6 months and only cost £47 …half most families weekly shop cost! And lilys kitchen…wow …I rekon I could eat the stuff lol …smells great, can see all the carrots, blueberries etc etc …£2.20 a tin but mixed with eden we only use about two tins a week so again , superb value

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Hello Bobbydog - nice to meet you. I like Jack Russells - such lively, natural little dogs but my, they are keen (as they should be). Your post reminded me of many years ago when we did not have so many commercial dog foods. It was a tin of wet food, a handful of mixer biscuit and that was it. We are so lucky these days to have so much choice, So glad that you have educated yourself via the Internet and have now been able to choose a good diet for your best friend.

Indeed, Dottie. There was PAL (‘prolongs active life’… I can still hear the adverts in my head) or, for the better off, Pedigree Chum. While country folk bought tripe from the butcher and boiled it up in a pan, my memory of that is not an advert, but of the stink, but in retrospect those tripe-fed dogs were the lucky ones.

Gosh - I had forgotten about PAL. Think I must have been one of the better off ones 'cos I fed Pedigree Chum for some time. Mind you, I didn’t feel better off! LOL

We had a lab cross that was fed on Chappie pretty much exclusively. This was ages ago, probably in the eighties :stuck_out_tongue: