Eden dog food - terrible customer service.

Hi I ordered Eden Dog Food directly from the company after a recommendation here. They made a complete mess of my order and then held on to my money after I asked for a refund! Eden only gave the delivery company half my address (only postcode and borough in London) and messed up my phone number so delivery company couldn’t even phone me to let me know. I had an email telling me my order was to be delivered and waited in for the delivery – of course it never came. So then I called the delivery company who told me Eden had not given them my correct address or phone number. I then called Eden customer services who couldn’t get the right info to the delivery company in time to get the food redelivered the same day. As i was away the next day I said I wanted a refund. I was then told I would have to wait a few days until they got the food back! Why should they hold on to my money when they made the mistake?! That was the way they do things I was told. So I asked to speak with the manager who couldn’t speak with me as “he would be in meetings all day” but said that they would refund the money … but it would take two or three days to reach me! Terrible terrible customer service. The rule of business is that the customers ARE your business. If you make a mistake, you should compensate the customer for the inconvenience caused – not cause more inconvenience!!! Wouldn’t bother with them again

Hi Kathy,

Really sorry that you had had reason to post a bad review.

We did our best to help you but you left out part of your of your address when you placed the order, hence DPD could not deliver at the agreed time

Our customer service people managed to get the consignment updated and it will be with you a day later than usual next working day.

I think that you are being unfair in your comments as the parcel would have reached you next working if you had provided the complete address in the first instance.

@Kathycomehome - it is a shame that your first visit to the forum is a negative revue. I have nothing to do with Eden and I don’t feed it to my own dogs but I know from helping out on the forum that it is a good product and I have observed that the company do try very hard to satisfy their customers’ demands. I once had a problem with an order from a different company but I contacted them and we sorted it out amicably. This sounds like a similar sort of mix up and I urge you to contact Eden; hopefully you can then come to some agreement. We are all human and mistakes are sometimes made (on one, or both sides). In view of this I am now closing the thread.

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