Devoted Dog Food

Has anyone placed an order for Devoted dog food recently?

I placed an order with them (my first one) 3 days ago but haven’t received an update yet.

I emailed them this morning but as yet no reply >:(

I decided on Devoted dog food after reading the reviews on All About Dog Food.

Dog :smiley:

Hi, did you receive any email confirmation? 3 days doesn’t sound like a very long time, your order may be with you in the next few days.
The website also reports a contact phone number, have you tried calling? 01213 232 535
Please feel free to introduce yourself in the “Introduction” section of the forum if you want to discuss other topics on dog nutrition :slight_smile:

Hiya, yes I did receive a confirmation email when I placed the order.

Ah, a phone number, thanks, I’ll phone them later.

I’ll do the intro later too :wink:

Now sorted - thank you for spotting it Meg. While we are on about Devoted, I have to say that it is one that I hadn’t heard of so I’ve hopped over to the Directory and the review of this extruded dry food is **here. ** Scores a respectable 4.6 with three varieties, chicken, salmon, duck with trout. Protein is edging into the above average and the fat is above average so the products may be useful for the very active, young dog.

may be useful for the very active, young dog.

Yup, it’s for a young male Beauceron that I’m trying to put weight on.

I still haven’t had a reply to my email which I sent at 11:30am, and I just get the answerphone when I phone them.

Tis not looking too good :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks MEG, I still haven’t received a reply to my email. I’ll phone them again mid-morning. Not really good enough really is it.

Maybe I’ve been spoilt by the excellent service I’ve received from companies like Millies, Guru, Akela and Petplanet :slight_smile:

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I received my order today after phoning Devoted yesterday. The delivery note was dated 16th March and the parcel was marked ‘next day’, so I reckon if I hadn’t phoned them, I’d still be without my order placed 6 days ago and, I never did receive a reply to my email.

Not the-end-of-the-world in the grand scheme of things of course, but not a very positive buying experience either :-\

What’s the kibble like? dunno yet, I’d say the composition is very similar to Canagan and Acana. Tis for Cody the English Pointer, who is used to Acana, so all should be well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please let us know how you (or rather your Pointer) gets on with Devoted?

Please let us know how you (or rather your Pointer) gets on with Devoted?

Will do. Pointers can suffer with skin problems, and Cody is no exception. I use calamine lotion, aloe vera, or coconut oil to help any flare up, but find Sudocrem works best.

Trouble is, the little monster eats something unmentionable while out for an off-lead romp, and undoes all my good work >:(

Hi De Hi!
My little monster Cody the English pointer has been on Devoted free-run chicken for the last 3 weeks and appears to be doing well on it. So well in fact that I’ve just ordered another 12kg bag :slight_smile:
He seems to be more lively on Devoted [as if Pointers aren’t lively enuff!] his poos are kickable too, unless I give him too much, which relates to all dog food of course.

I’ve put my French Shepherd (Beauceron) on Markus Muhle Black Angus, which he likes, but then again he would eat anything and absolutely everything**!!**
He needs to put on weight as he is literally a bag of bones at 18 months old. I’m a’thinking mayhap he has an endocrine disorder His appetite is good, although he is always famished, his poos are normal, and he is otherwise happy and full of energy.

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Thank you for the update on Devoted dog food. Might be an idea to have blood tests for your other dog. The Markus Muhle is low(ish) in fat so perhaps feed more, look for a product with higher fat or give toppers with the food. However, best to see the vet first by the sound of things.

Yes thank you for the update. It is helpful to get some feedback.

My dog was on Black Angus for a time and held her weight well. I would be ask the vet for advice if you are worried that your French Shepherd is too thin.

Thanks Dottie and Tinyplanets .

I’ll take Beau the Beauceron to the vet after Easter.
Good advice about a higher fat food, I’m looking at Millies Wolfheart Peak Performance, or Poppy’s Picnic, both of which are quite high in fat. Beau was on Natural Instinct when he came here from the breeder, so raw could be the way to go although Poppy’s Picnic could work out a tad expensive for a large breed.

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