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Farm food HE says gluten free on the packaging and no wheat content is listed on the labelling. All about dog food says that there is wheat in it on their listing. I am fairly sure that there is wheat in it as my dog reacted very badly when I fed it to him as he is gluten intolerant . None of my dogs like it much and they are not fussy eaters. Any thoughts please?

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Hello Diana - welcome to the forum. By coincidence I was looking at this particular food a short while ago. It is a strange one because it has beef and haemoglobin powder - I have never seen that in a pet food. Haemoglobin is the iron containing part of the red blood cell so it put me in mind of black pudding! ??? Anyway, you were asking about wheat and as you say it does contain this according to the review on this website here. It is pre cooked - not sure why but there is probably a reason for this. According to the company’s own brochure here it contains ‘precooked bread grains (corn and wheat)’. It also has precooked rice - doesn’t say whether it is brown or white. Sounds as if the labelling might be unclear - perhaps you could contact the company who imports it from the Netherlands? The contact details are here.


I contacted the distributor who arranged for the company to ring me from the Netherlands. They tell me that there is definitely no gluten in their product and the breadcrumbs are from corn. I think that there was possibly an error in the translation on the packet as the guy was adamant that there was no wheat gluten even though it says corn and wheat breadcrumbs. He said that the other grain my dog should probably avoid was barley and that it was not included in the recipe. He recommended green tripe to renew the flora of the gut and to get my dog gradually used to Farm Food HE.

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Corn is still a grain, usually called maize, its about on a par with wheat for dietary issues.

If the label says corn and wheat, then legally they can put wheat in it, non matter what they may say by phone. as your dog has gluten intolerance in would have to suggest you avoid this food until they clarify the labeling and website

Just looked up FFHE on their website, there are 3 versions, 2 have wheat started this one doesn’t

Farm Food HE “Gluten free”

Composition: Released corn, hemoglobin powder, released sorghum (10%), released rice, meat meal, beef fat, whey powder, brewer’s yeast, vegetable fibers, cold pressed sunflower oil, minerals, lecithin, 1% Scottish salmon oil, inulin, vitamins and trace elements.

Grain as first named ingredient, and third and fourth ingredients, make this a high grain product actual meat seems to be under 10%? (that they do try and justify the grains on their website). Haemoglobin (dried blood it seems) will add to the total protein content, but won’t contain all essential proteins.

Research on this site, you’ll find food with higher ratings for not much more per day

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