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Does anyone know what is in the new food Beyond from Purina. After getting nowhere on their website, I emailed them asking what the ingredients are. I can’t believe the response I got. It said “Please know, we do not release the exact recipe percentages for competitive reasons, but our products fo provide complete snd balanced high quality nutrition for pets”.

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Hi Madmazzaroo. It is terrible the open contempt many of the larger companies seem to have for their customers these days. Purina are notorious for it but they are sadly not alone.

If you can get hold of a bag, they are legally obliged to print the ingredients list there or a freedom of information request would probably also do the trick but fortunately there are usually ways around the smokescreens. The Pets at Home website, for example, has the ingredients for the adult salmon variety as:

[i]Purina Beyond Superfood Blend Adult Dry Dog Food Rich in Salmon: Salmon (17,5%), Oat Groats (17%), Dehydrated Chicken Protein, Barley, Rice*, Poultry Fat, Dehydrated Salmon Protein (3%), Digest, Dried Beetpulp, Minerals, Dried Sweet Potatoes (0,5%), Antioxidants. Cereals (50%).[/i]*

I’m not sure which of these ingredients the good folks at Purina are regarding as ‘superfoods’. 50% cereals? Artificial antioxidants? Beetpulp? Our rating would be 2.9 so slightly above average but nothing to write home about at all.

Hope that helps.

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Well to start with ‘rich in’ has no meaning especially when you admit that you only put 17.5% of the ingredient. Cereals is a generic term which involves not telling you the whole picture and ability to hide or flex ingredients. Oats, Barley, Rice, sweet potato total 50% is quite a high carb level for dog food. Oats and Barley are cheaper ingredients than Rice and sweet potato but rice/SP is lesser amount. Antioxidants is common to use and good for dogs, Beet pulp is a good source of digestible fibre.

My opinion a very average food If you had the Vit A level and it was about 25IU / KG it would be better but I doubt it.

It can also be found on the Tesco website but I am puzzled -because of this statement: “We are proud to own and run the factory in which Beyond is made.”

I live in Portugal and have difficulty sourcing some of the better dog foods. Yesterday I found some Purina Beyond Simply 9 at the supermarket. The package states it has selected natural ingredients and minerals, no added what and no artificial colouring, conservatives or aromas. Does anyone know anything about this particular food.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have merged your thread with the existing one that we have about this food.
I recall that that Naturea is made in Portugal. The Dog Food Directory lists nine of their products and all of them have scores of above four stars.
There is some information here about sourcing cold pressed food in Spain - it might also be helpful for those who live in Portugal. This thread might be of interest too.

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