Feeding on a flat surface

Learn why dogs prefer to eat from flat surfaces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCnVBY1bsZY



Anyone recommend an alternative plate you can actually get in the UK?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Lupime, I am a convert to feeding on a flat surface and cannot see me going back to a bowel. I have a toy breed with a beard and his face is much cleaner (raw diet) since changing over, also he seems happier eating from a flat surface as one can spread the food out. I haven’t found anything similar to the Pet Platter in the UK and would be interested if anyone has. Flat based bowels with a small rim seem to be hard to find, however I did come across these flat based stoneware plates with a 20mm edge that look interesting.
27cm, https://www.amazon.co.uk/ProCook-Oslo-Stoneware-Dinner-Plate/dp/B07VKC52MP
22cm, https://www.amazon.co.uk/ProCook-Oslo-Stoneware-Side-Plate/dp/B07VKCZJF2
There is a further video, Blooming Culture talks to Carol, founder of The Mine Pet Platter, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgI_xNknFZs

Thanks Seaweed l’ll have a look.
Closest I can find is
This might work for a toy breed

Lupime, if you decide to go down the feeding on flat surface route, I would be interested to know if you find it beneficial.

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interesting but not convinced, I tried my dog with a large plate yesterday to see if it made any difference no it did not. If I throw a handful of dog food on the floor he still eats it very fast. He ha :)s no competition but he is a real foody. :slight_smile:

Rebecca, thank you for your feedback. There is a further podcast with Dr Carol Smeja here, https://thrivingdog.co/why-you-should-toss-your-dogs-food-bowl-in-the-garbage/

Is Dr Smeja someone you trust?

Dr Carol Smeja discusses how a bowl may be an issue for a dog to eat from, in particular regarding the dog’s nose and their periphery vision. In addition she discusses food heaped up in a bowl and eaten in a particular way.
This is an interesting idea and I can see it working as a solution for some dogs.

In a similar way that dogs may show an aversion to eating their food from a particular food bowl for reasons that feel ‘true’ for the dog and misunderstood by us, we can positively change how we feed our dogs.

I’m thinking for example, of a metal bowl - is it the shine reflection causing an ‘issue’? Perhaps the metal has a particular taste which the dog dislikes. Maybe there is an association with a previous unpleasant experience occurring whilst the dog was eating their food from a metal bowl.

As a solution to help with this we could use a bowl which is not made of metal; we could raise the height of the bowl if that might help; we could change the area where the bowl is located ie where the dog is fed; we could feed the dog on a flatter/flat surface instead of using a bowl.

Meg, I still feed on a flat surface, it gives one’s dog light and space, they can move around the plate and to me it’s a nicer, cleaner and more enjoyable experience for them. I will not be returning to using a bowl.

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Seaweed - you certainly know your dog best and experience how much better it is for your dog to eat from a plate. I can completely understand why you will not be returning to using a bowl.

It is certainly something to consolidate and for all of us to think about how we are currently feeding our dogs.

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Learn why dogs prefer to eat from flat surfaces.


What I think is they find it comfortable to eat the food. And they can see all of their food.