Felix As Good As It Looks, Cat Food

Cat owners call for Purina to remove Felix As Good As It Looks. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10561281/Cat-owners-petition-recall-Purinas-Felix-Good-Looks.html

I saw this article yesterday and couldn’t believe what I was reading. My girl cat died in Autumn on 17th birthday after an unexplained illness which the vets put down to ‘poisoning’. Then her son who is about a year younger started having diarrhoea, blood in his stool, vomiting of undigested food, so I took him to the vets twice where he was diagnosed with constipation. On Monday last week I took him back again and this time he has an infected colon but it’s proving hard to get him better. Both cats have eaten As Good As It Looks since it first came out ! They didn’t like change so I’ve just kept them on it. I did try and move the little boy cat onto Nood in January but he didn’t like it.

Anyway. Felix is all in the bin now and I’ve had to go and find foods that he might eat. Shelves were bare at Pets At Home apart from Felix, so I’m obviously not the only one doing this. It upset me to think that I may have caused my girl cat to pass away because I gave her food I thought she enjoyed and wasn’t bad. Purina say they changed the recipe in March 2021 which would have meant that my girl cat was eating it for 3-4 months (after the new recipe hit the shelves) before she passed away. The boy cat always ate a lot less anyway.

I am told that I should see improvements in between 2 weeks and 4 weeks. I will let you know !


I’m really sorry to hear that Jane. With 11,000 signatures on the recall petition, it certainly looks like something is wrong at Felix. Unfortunately, even on a good day, Felix is terrible food. We don’t rate cat foods (yet) but if we did it would score very poorly.

So you’re persevering with the Nood? I’ll be really interested to hear how your boy does on it.

How terrible that such a recognized brand causes this type of damage