We are in the middle of winter. However, it has been a relatively mild one which fleas may well appreciate! Many people believe that fleas are dormant in winter but this is not the case. Central heating and a nice cosy home make it summer all year round for fleas so don’t forget to continue using your usual preventative treatment on pets, whatever the time of year. Eradicating fleas from the dog is fairly easy but preventing re infestation due to the fleas living, and laying eggs in carpets and soft furnishings is a real challenge so it is well worth being diligent in preventive treatment.

Plenty of useful information on the control of parasites on It’s a Jungle website. Also consult your veterinary surgeon about a suitable regime for your pet.

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They are not the prettiest things when magnified :o

I think the winter should have a clean toilet for dogs

Winter is comparatively fine. In monsoon season dogs suffer a lot from ticks and fleas. However, if the dog is properly vaccinated he won’t get the fleas and ticks whatsoever may be the season.

Disagree…Vaccination will not prevent fleas & ticks !

Perrijinnie - as you mention ‘monsoon’ I assume you live in another country (i.e. not the UK). I am wondering if we are misunderstanding your comments about fleas and vaccination due to translation issues. Possibly you are using the word ‘vaccination’ in a different way to us in the UK. We understand vaccination as being the injections we give our dogs to prevent certain diseases. They do not prevent fleas. However, we do use other treatments to prevent fleas and maybe it is these that you refer to as ‘vaccination.’

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