Dog Vaccination

I was searching for the pet care and recently got to know about the dog vaccinations which is very much essential for the pet because the pet animals are very soft loving animals which we should keep with care.

Wow…amazing news !

Thank you very much

On reflecton, my initial response was somewhat patronising & abrupt.

You have highlighted a strong sentimental attachment to dogs, however, when it comes to vaccination choices aI feel there can be pro’s and con’s of vaccine decisions.
For me it is not aĺways s clear cut as “Do I vaccinate or not ?”

Vaccination can prevent serious or fatal illness in dogs, however, allegedly there can also be risks from vaccination or over vaccination.

The following links may be if interest.

I am not advocating owners should not have dogs vaccinated but there are arguably lots of factors to consider.

My dog has had 3 surgeries to analyse/remove mast cell tumours found at the same site to which he was prior spot on wormed & vaccinated…one lump arrived shortly after an injection was given.

I stool sample test for worms and have added DE to dietrather than using spot on treatments.

In the past I thought I was doing the right thing by near religpusly causing annual vaccination to be given and monthly spot on wormers to be used.

Like others I adore & love the dogs I own &/or have with me however, my decisions are now more carefully made & based on various factors…

Apologies for my initial response re this important, contraversial and sometimes emotive subject.