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I’ve used this site a lot and found it really useful but haven’t been to the forum before. I’ve one dog at the moment a 2.5 year old Staffordshire bull terrier bitch called Midnight. I have been raw feeding her for 18 months and still consider myself ‘new’ to it. I’ve used a number of different premade raw meals and have settled on feeding Natural Instinct and a prey model complete from a local raw food supplier.
I’m an advocate of holistic treatment so do not routinely treat for fleas, ticks or worms preferring to test for internal parasites and worry about fleas/ticks if I see them (I haven’t in 30 years!) I’m also aware of the issues of over-vaccination in dogs and cats and take great care to ensure my girl isn’t given any vaccine she doesn’t definitely need.
I also have two cats that I treat the same way.
I owned and ran a dog grooming salon in Florida for 7 years and saw a lot of skin/ear issues and tried to help owners resolve them.
I’ve had dogs, cats, horses and many small furries over the years and love helping people with their pets.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. It’s good to hear that your dog is enjoying, and doing well on her raw diet. It’s a good, natural way to feed a dog as long as it is done correctly and it sounds like you have achieved this.