Freezing canned dog food?

My 6 lb dog has three meals a day. Recently I have been giving him Natures Menu raw frozen nuggets for his middle meal. For his other two meals, I am thinking of buying a 600 g can of Natures Menu Country Hunter occasionally, which would last him a whole week (including the raw), and save me some money.

I was thinking of buying some freezer tubs and portioning a day’s worth of food in each, weighing them out straight after opening, and storing some in the fridge and some in the freezer.

I wonder if the food would freeze and thaw well and still be appetising and fit to eat… and if does anyone else do this?

It would be best to telephone Natures Menu advice line staff about freezing their wet food. Usually the advice on using the food up once opened is on the packet/label. Usually it is advised that the food is kept refrigerated once open and then used within 24 to 48 hours.

Thanks. I have dropped them a line and will report back what they say. I just wondered if anyone else did this as there isn’t much info on it on the internet.

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From Customer Services: I can advise that our cans and pouches have been gently steam cooked and have not been designed to be frozen so would not know how much nutritional value would be lost by freezing them or how this would affect the quality of the food. Once opened they can be kept in the fridge and used within 48 hours.

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