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I’m just wondering what’s the difference between NM frozen complete food i.e. Country Hunter (which I buy) and the the tins/pouches of Nature Menu.
I’m asking because we’re going away on holiday in our caravan and our freezer in the van will only hold one packet.
Are the tins/pouches a good alternative?

Hello - welcome to the forum. The differences in analysis can be seen by using the Dog Food Directory on this site. Go to the NM section and place a tick in the compare box of each product that you want to review. My understanding is that the main difference is that the nuggets are raw and the food in pouches/tins is steamed. With regards to the pouches/tins being a useful as an alternative I would say yes, they should be OK. I have a friend who substitutes the adult pouches for Country Hunter nuggets when on holiday and it works well. Be aware that the pouches contain brown rice but that should not be an issue for the majority of dogs and it does have nutritional value.

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Natures menu also do the country hunter range in 600g tins if thats of any help to you.
I use these for my lot if i havent got food out of the freezer for them.They have a few flavours in the range now.