Natures Menu complete meals

I give my youngest dog Natures Menu Country Hunter Nuggets. Having four varieties, it is one of a product range that is described as complete meals. It’s recently occurred to me that I have read that 10% of the diet should be offal. There is none in this particular product but NM say it is still complete. They say you can add offal separately if desired.

I’m not concerned about it and my little dog is fine with the product but just wondering if I should add offal sometimes?

Ideally yes 5% liver, 5% other offal.

Does it contain the 10 % bone already?

all that should make up about 80% of the total food, the remainder being made up suitable of fruit and veg,

Thank you David. It does contain bone and it would appear to be listed as Calcium Carbonate (bone meal). Perhaps I should give a little less of the food and add a bit of offal.

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I occasionally feed NM if I’ve run out of food and can’t get to my normal supplier. In my experience, the completes seem to have a quite high bone content as my boys will get chalky poo from it. Adding the offal is a good idea to balance it. As mentioned, only 5% should be liver. I’m sure you’ve sorted it in the 2 months since the post anyway :smiley:

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They are completes, just not following the 80/10/10 prey model which is where the 10% offal ‘rule’ comes from. I feed Natural Instinct and don’t worry about adding offal as doing so would unbalance the completes (in my opinion).

One thing I’ve learnt since starting raw feeding is there is no one ‘correct’ way, there are many different models and finding one that suits you and your dog it the most important thing

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