Good balance???

Good day people.
We have a 3 year old cross Choc lab, siberian Husky… Huskador.45kg and healthy, and active
Been on Eukanuba kibble since weaning, I have never been keen on Eukanuba but wife felt best to stick with it. Arnie has never been over keen, and I thought ihis stools were always soft to runny. Anyway took the plunge now and gone over to Chappie dry and wet with fresh cooked chicken and brown rice in the mix.Quantities we give are 125g of dry kibble, 50g wet chappie, 50g chicken or turkey, and 50g cooked brown rice. He loves it, his stools are much much better. Just like to know what people think regarding qty etc??

Hello and welcome to the forum. From the description of your dog’s stools, unless you are overfeeding, it would seem that the Eukanuba is not suiting him. A dog’s stools should be firm and easy to pick up. You would probably find it beneficial to use the Dog Food Directory to source higher quality products that are within your budget.
These filters are useful:
Properties: Clearly labelled
Avoid ingredients: All red/all yellow
You can tweak the others as you wish.

There is a discussion here about what to look for in dog food.

You might also find the AADF Facebook group useful. You will receive more replies if you post on there.