Guide dog bath properly

In previous articles we have guided you the basic techniques to care for your pet at home, such as brushing technique, oral care, nail clipping, ear care. This time, we will continue to add dog bathing techniques - a skill necessary for most of the pet animal. Listening through, everyone thinks this is very simple, but actually how the new bathroom is right and good for your animals is not well known.
For those pet fur normal, healthy skin regular bathing is not necessary because frequent bathing can make animals lose shine of hair, dry skin and even skin damage if we shower too much. Especially for cats, one should limit the shower if skin coat nothing unusual cat because cats hate baths. Therefore, the identification of pet bath time is very important and should be reasonably determined 1. It is often when bathing your pet:

There is too much dust, mucus, or other foreign substances from skin and fur.
It is time to eliminate dead undercoat to date fall on the animal’s fur.
The increased sebum makes stinky animals.
Accumulated dead skin on the skin to form clusters, scales.
Skin infections.
Also, one should choose the days warm weather to bathe animals and should not shower too late at the end of the day makes objects hard coat dry completely, which can lead to pathological cases unnecessary later .

Note, do not bathe your pet when:
2 hours after eating.
Weather too cold (especially in the north monsoon, when the temperature down to below 18 ° C outdoor).
These offspring are breastfeeding or newly separated mother.
Sick child or sick suspicious signs.
Males are prepared estrous mating, if the bath will reduce odor “attractive features” reduce sexual arousal when mating.
Pets after mating within 15 days.
Pets birth.
The new buyer raise.
The new injection Disease.
After bathing determine reasonable time, we chose to conduct appropriate gel with your pet. Good shower gels often do not irritate the skin and PH = 7 to 7.14. You can buy them at any of the public veterinary products. We should not use the type of person to take a bath shower gel pet because most of the milk is acidic bath is not good for the skin of the animal.
For the inflamed skin, one should select the special gel as directed by your veterinarian. If you choose wrong, likely will make the animal’s disease more severe.
Next, we proceed to remove dead skin was scabbed, carpets and hard sticky feathers together. Doing this not only helps us to bathe the animal more easily and quickly, but also helps prevent the occurrence of pathogens in the future.
Also, before bathing one should also carry out operations to prepare for such bathing process:

2 Use cotton balls stuffed into two ears to avoid water flowing into the animal ear infection.
Prepare 1 rubber mat in the bathroom to avoid animals from falling (as animals can panic and stress).
If toenails were too long we should also cut before bathing.
Also you should prepare one eye ointment jars specialist veterinary use in case the wire into the eye wash animals.
Unless otherwise sunny days, rest one should bathe in the bathroom indoor plants. Add a little warm water in the bathtub, then put the animal into the tub.

Starting from the surface cleaned the animals with a damp cloth, then wipe lightly over ears for dirt and dead skin.

Gently waterproof gradually all over the body, both hands just pour rubbing lotion on the body diluted animals started down the body from the neck. Continue to use your hands to wash lightly scratching absorbed throughout the body and go all the dirt, then rinse gently with water. If not cleaned, we continue to repeat the process again bathroom. However you should note that the animal bath time should not be too long is not good for the health of animals.

Nice to learn about properly bathing the dogs. I have included some points in my blog to make it better. I hope you will not mind. :slight_smile: You can check out my article on How to bathe your pet. I hope you will find it useful.

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