Guidlines for producers of Raw Pet Food launched by PFMA

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), has published new sector guidelines for the manufacture of commercial raw pet food.


Thank you for this information. There is a lot of reading, particularly the in the actual guidelines but it should be helpful to those pet owners who wish to raw feed but are concerned about the safety and risk of infection.


To open a discussion…does anyone have any thoughts on this statement in the PFMA guidelines:

" There are currently eighty-one producers of commercial raw diets registered with Defra and nine of these are members of the PFMA so there is also the opportunity for us to grow our dedicated sector group "

My first thought when reading this was surprise at the number of producers of commercial raw diets there are currently.

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I was also surprised to learn that there are so many raw food producers and also how few of those are registered members of PFMA. With so many producers now, I would hope that they would want to work in partnership to develop safe and ethical practices. This seems to be especially important in the raw food industry.


Yes, I was surprised at the number of raw pet food companies in the UK. It just goes to show what a growth industry this is. There is a lot of choice now and would-be raw feeders should be careful about their choice of product/s, reading and learning as much as possible about the subject.

I haven’t read every bit of the document but did read the sections on infection control and to some extent found it reassuring. However, I still feel that owners of pets who are in regular contact with vulnerable people should think carefully about whether raw feeding is an acceptable risk. This is just my personal view.

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