Hello and advice

Hi all
I need some advice please…
I have two Basset Hounds both of whom have been raw fed for the last three months.
Unfortunately, the eldest, aged 9 has been very sick over the last 6 weeks and has been diagnosed with gastritis.
He is currently making medication to alleviate the symptoms, but am looking at another food for him.
I moved him onto raw food as he was recently diagnosed with bladder stones and therefore could not stay on his old food.
Has anyone any recommendations?

Many thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum. My vet told me that dogs who suffer with gastric problems are best fed a diet that is sub 23% fat. Raw food can be high in fat and it might be too much for your dog. We have a few threads on bladder stones - just use the search facility at the top of the page. One of the foods recommended in those threads is Nutriment Low Purine but it is raw and as your dog has gastritis I would caution against giving this for now.

Contact your vet and ask her or him exactly what qualities (ingredients etc) to look for when sourcing a product. Come back to your thread when you have this information and we can then search the Dog Food Directory for something suitable.

Thank you…Will do.

Have you looked at pure dog food, it is dehydrated, and you have re hydrate it, with warm water. My dog has one meal of this and one of raw, and loves it but when the raw has run out I will put him on this for 2 meals. My dog loves it . There are lots of reviews with dogs with lots of problems ,
and most of them are under the fat levels that you need for your dog, apart from the beef one.
They ate a very good company and very good with any questions you ask. I hope that you can find a dog food to suit what ever you go with . :slight_smile:

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Thank you for suggesting Pure. We don’t have a thread on this or any other dehydrated food so I wonder if you have time to start one on Pure? Would be interested in reading of your experience.

We have an old dog who has had continual gastric problems. We started using Pure mixer with our own choice of protein about a year ago and are amazed at his improvement. Tried lots of other foods in various permutations but this is certainly the best and he loves it!

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