Hello and help.


I have just come across this forum and website so thought I’d hopefully get the answers to my issue.

I have a 5 month old American cocker spaniel who is mainly white with black freckles and large black spots on his sides, his belly was Snow White when I got him but around his “boy bits” the fur has turned a rusty pink colour, a little like the tear stain colour under his eyes.

I know people say it’s to do with saliva but I’m wanting to know what I can do regarding this and asking if any of you that have white dogs have found any particular food that could help with this.

He is at the moment on the puppy food that he came with from the breeder…Eukanuba puppy dry lamb.

I would welcome any comments.

Thank you

Annee and Metsi

Hello and welcome to the forum Annee.

It might be worth you having a look at this thread here .You may find some helpful comments as it addresses this issue. I have not had any experience of this myself. I hope you find something which helps.

Thank you, much appreciated.