Hello and yet another puppy food question!

We collected our very lovely 8 week old miniature labradoodle yesterday and he’s beautiful (apart from the farts!!!). He has been weaned on tinned pedigree, and I want to change him to a dried food as soon as practical - I have read all the info on this site, and all the very helpful posts, so I don’t intend to rush ahead. We have got him as a companion for my teenage son who has Asperger’s Syndrome, so we hope to do everything we can to develop him into a calm boy. I want to give him the best quality food that I can afford, whilst not spending more than necessary, although I am also thinking of his long term diet, rather than just his puppy diet. I am wondering if it would be best to choose a food now that he can remain on at all ages, or choose a puppy food now, and choose again when he reaches maturity. I would really appreciate any help and advice you can give me, along with any suggestions of which food might be suitable. I have spent so searching the list, and tweaking the filters that I am more confused than when I began!

Hello and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your puppy. Fun times ahead! Well done for researching about a suitable food. Usually the only difference in lifestage products is the protein level, puppy being the highest. Personally I would go for a complete food that is for all lifestages then you will not have the bother and expense of changing over.
It is probably the food that is making your pup gassy - that should reduce once you have him in on something suitable.

You might want to consider using the following filters:
Type of dog - Pet
Type of food - dry complete
Food properties - natural, clearly labelled
Rating - 4 to 5
Daily cost - enter your budget on the slider
Avoid ingredients - all red ingredients

I left the slider for budget at default and these filters returned six pages so there is plenty to choose from. If you want grain free, add the filters and it will narrow it down further. When you have chosen and purchased a suitable product, remember to weigh the food accurately and transition your dog onto it slowly. Soaking the kibble will make it easier for him to eat and it will also stop it from expanding in the stomach and causing excessive thirst.

If you prefer to buy from a shop your choice may be narrowed down even further. Best to find a small, independent pet supplies company where the staff are interested in what they sell. Please let me know if you need any additional help in choosing and also how you get on - would be interested to know what you decide to go with.

Hello and welcome to the forum, Congratulations on your new pup. I can’t add anything to what Dottie said but I hope you find something to suit and calm the wind down a bit.