Hello from Bury

I have a 17 month old Westie, Robbie. He most definitely is my fur baby !!
He is suffering from skin problems at the moment, which is a common Westie complaint, he is on anti histamines but I think they are only taking the edge off it, he is still scratching and biting himself. I don’t want him on steroids . Before I take him to have tests and I am switching him over to Orijen as a last attempt to sort his problems out! After reading the reviews, I am hopeful - fingers crossed!!
Any advice would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello Bev317 - welcome to the forum. I had Westies for some years but now have Cairns. One of my Westies had skin problems too - thankfully not too severe and this was part of the reason why I changed to Cairns. I’m sorry to hear that your little pal is suffering with this. The problem with scratching is that they can infect the skin which makes it sore and more itchy. I used to find that with a couple of weeks of antibiotics and steroids it settled down. Regarding food, Orijen scores well on the AADF website so I do hope that it helps. The thing about the Westie skin condition is that it is difficult to know whether it is due to allergy or genetic - I rather think it is the latter.

Do you have your Westie clipped or stripped? If it is the former, then make sure that you regularly brush and comb him to get the dead hair out. As you probably know, they are a double coated breed and clipping leaves behind dead hair which, if they are stripped is removed. Use a steel comb - the ones with two sides, fine and wide teeth are useful. This should get some air to the skin which might help. With my Westie I was advised by an experienced breeder to use Selene shampoo and I used to find that this was effective.

as i know myself with diesel who as a rare skin condition he was diagnosed by my vet and was put on steroids which did work but as my vet told me they are only a short term solution as they can have bad side effects over a long period of time and can effect there immune system. you could try supplements like yumega plus i have to give my dog a bath every week with a shampoo scrub prescribed by my vet which i now get from a online store what surprised me was this shampoo scrub which is called hibiscrub is what is used also in hospitals for me its a big help as it cleans the skin and helps with the scratching

Hi Bev. Welcome to the forum.
I have a lot of experience with human eczema. My son was born with it unfortunately. I tried all the steroids and antibiotics as creams and tablets and all they do is suppress symptoms. Apparently it forces it back into the body. I went to a homeopath for my son and it worked. The homeopath said it woud clear from the face first, then slowly down the body. This is exactly what happened. Now he is fine. I know my case was on a human but it is worth a try. Eden holistic use Ainsworth. They make their own remedies on site too. I know a very good human homeopath but don’t know if she treats animals too! Another thing to be careful with is washing liquid and powder on towels and bedding. Make sure non bio is used. Lidl sell Formil which is not too perfumed. Perfumes can make itching bad too. Make sure your dogs nails are not too long or sharp either as scratching causes the infection and in humans it is known as the itch scratch cycle. Humans with eczema have more bacteria on their skin which causes the itching then as there is more bacteria it gets infected.
Good luck.
Good luck and hope we can help you.