Hi everyone I would like to introduce myself and my two Shih Tzu’s Mali & Tasha age 11yrs and 10 yrs. We live in West Wales.
Mali has recently been having seizures periodically we are not sure what the reason is. She has seen a canine cardiologist who did blood tests and a heart scan but has not come up with an answer. She is now on heart medication for the rest of here life which fortunately she takes like treats. Other than that you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with her.
They have been raw fed for the last 6+ years.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Your little dogs sound delightful and it is great that despite Mali’s illness, they are both doing well.

Thank you Dottie for the nice welcome. Yes they are both doing well all things considered re Mali’s heart problem. She bounces around like a two year old. The medication will not cure the enlarging heart but will slow it down apparently. So fingers crossed if I could get their food sorted it will be great.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Sad to hear about Mali’s issues. seizures are never easy to witness. It does sound like she is coping really well.

hello to everyone =) hello lottie!

at least she takes her medications well. i have nightmares feeding my dog her medications. sometime when i mix with wet food, she will actually bother to find the capsule or pill and spits it out… i am amazed at her tongue

Hello and welcome Archcherub. Sorry you aren’t having much success in getting your dogs med into her. Have you tried putting it in a bit of cheese or sausage.? You could ask your vet if it is a capsule if you could open it up and sprinkle it in her food. Or another possibility is you can buy a pill dispenser - like a syringe and give it her that way. You can buy them at Amazon or you should be able to get one at a pet shop . I have been so lucky with Mali that she thinks of them as treats as she has one twice a day. I hope these suggestions help. Let us know how you get on.