Incinerated kibble

I changed cat food brands to a single-protein kibble but have concerns.

The kibbles vary in colour and most of them look totally overcooked. Sometimes they are black and scorched.

Surely it can’t be healthy to cook kibble with such a fierce heat?

I have used many other brands of dry food which look a healthy brown colour… perhaps because they are cooked more gently? However as my cat suffers from allergies, I switched to this new brand because the ingredients are strictly single-protein (turkey) with no added fish oil.

There are a number of articles on the dangers of cooking at high temperatures and I would welcome opinions please.

I’ve attached a photo of this kibble (although I have seen it more scorched than this) and a photo of a competing brand for comparison.

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I can only state what my personal feelings are which may be completely wrong but I would be reluctant to feed anything that looked burned. I wouldn’t eat burned toast myself and prefer not to feed anything that has been cooked at high temperatures to my dog. These have been my feelings even before I read all the articles on the possible issues.
It is a shame that your cat has allergies as that makes finding something suitable harder if you decide to change.

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Thank you for the reply Tinyplanets, I agree with your opinion.

It’s such a pity. He suffers from terribly itchy skin and this is the only food that I’ve had any success with.

But it’s too much of a worry, so I have started searching for a replacement.

I’ve also contacted the kibble manufacturer for their opinion… will let you know if I get a response.


Loucat - I am sorry that I cannot be of help in this matter. I don’t use extruded pet food as I am not sure about the high temperatures used in the manufacturing process. You are quite right to be concerned and are doing the right thing in contacting the company. Please could you keep us up to date?

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I’d not feed overcooked, burnt food to any animal in my care as I’m aware that could make for poorly pets. Like you I’d be unhappy to be sold kibble that is black and scorched. :o

Fortunately, the Consumer Rights Act helps to ensure that goods are fit for purpose and are as described, are not faulty and not damaged. I would contact the retailer and of course provide photographs of the kibble and ask for a refund or an exchange.

There is a further clause in the Act for a situation whereby had the goods been paid for by credit card then it may be possible to get a refund through the credit card company.

There are a number of articles on the dangers of cooking at high temperatures

Yes indeed, and here is another of David’s excellent articles about the dangers of Acrylamide, a toxic substance which is formed when starchy foods are subjected to temperatures of over 120 degrees centigrade : Acrylamide in pet food

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It’s a very good article. Very scary.

Wainwright’s have replied and said their kibble is cooked at 100 degrees, if that’s any comfort…