Hello everyone!

I’ve always fed complete dry food and now proudly make my own :slight_smile: ( Over the years I explored wet food but I did notice that plaque built up easily and briefly explored cold pressed but personally the number of ingredients and certain things like gelatine put us off and our dog wouldn’t eat it either. If anyone’s interested in trying our yummy food, there’s 50% off your first order with code “YUMMY” ends July 31st.




We’re Scrumbles and we’re relatively new (launched in June). Our recipes focus on simplicity and are high in meat protein. We steer clear from things like pea protein, lentils and potato. There have been some interesting articles recently on these ingredients linking to heart disease and cooked potatoes have acrylamide risks depending on the temperature its cooked at. As we have added probiotics to our food, the cats and dogs that have complained of sensitive tummies from other foods have fed back that ours isn’t causing any issues despite being very rich in animal protein. We’d love you to give us a try if you’re looking for a new food. We’ve got 50% off first orders with code “YUMMY”, this July.

Any questions, shout!


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